Debut at The Pinhook

Debut at The Pinhook

Eric, Matt and I had a blast Saturday night getting our Rock N’ Roll on at The Pinhook in Durham. It was our debut as Minor Stars, and we appreciate all the folks who came out to support us. It had been about six years since my farewell performance as the bassist for My Dear Ella, and it felt great to share the stage again with Eric and Matt.

I was definitely feeling some nerves beforehand, but I was much more relaxed than I thought I’d be. The only thing that threw me a little was the lighting on the stage. It was really dark, so I turned a little lamp on that was by my side of the stage. Instead of making it easier for me to see, the lamp created a weird shadow/glare thing that made it hard to see the fret board on my bass (and I have the lazy habit of looking down at my fret hand as I play). There was also a leak in the roof right above me, and periodically I was pelted with big drops of water, a few times smack on my fingers as I was playing. For future shows I will practice in the shower with the lights off!

All in all, we rocked hard and rose to the occasion. Speaking of rocking hard—Grappling Hook was out of this world. My neck muscles are still sore from head-banging. I literally HAD to bang my head and pump my fists and raise the devil horns. The Rock N’ Roll made me do it.

Since the wives were out of town I’m not sure who, if anyone, may have snapped some photos. If any turn up (any that make me look cool), I’ll post them here. I’m sure we’ll play a show in Chapel Hill/Carrboro soon. Until then, the finishing touches are being put on the new record, which will hopefully be released in the fall.

Being in a band is fun. Start yours today!

— Bob